Dry Ridge Tile System

A Dry Ridge Tile System, A roll Out Dry Fix Ridge Tile System is fitted mechanically and securely fixes the ridge/hip tiles onto a wide variety of pitched roofs. 

Mortar-free, dry ridge systems are also tested to withstand extreme weather conditions, and require little to no maintenance over time. There’s no doubt that dry ridge is a superior product. It is a near-permanent fix that will last for the lifespan of the entire roof.

The method of the installation of a Dry ridge tile system:

  1. To remove the existing ridge/hip lines and all of the old mortar from the entire hip/ridge lines (any cracked or damaged roof tiles/slates or ridge/hip tiles will be replaced with new).
  2. To mechanically fix all new 2×1 tanalised battens to the ridge/hip tree.
  3. To install the roll out dry ridge system to the entire ridge/hip tree.
  4. To mechanically reinstate the ridge and hip tiles using the new interlocking dry ridge and hip tile system.

The benefits of a dry ridge tile system:

  • Ventilation
  • Low maintenance
  • WeatherproofFlexibility 

At JDL we provide a 10 year guarantee with any installation of a dry ridge tile system.

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