Interlocking Dry Verge Tile System,

Interlocking dry verge tile system, The Manthorpe Smartverge PVCu Dry Verge System.

Fast-fit dry verge system that provides an extremely cost-effective alternative that avoids all of the long-term maintenance problems, and the costs, that are often associated with traditional mortar bedding.

The methods of the installation of interlocking Dry verge tile system

  1. To remove all old porous mortar from the entire gable (any tiles that are cracked or damaged whilst the work is being carried out will be replaced with new)
  2. To Supply and mechanically fix 2×1 tanalised batten to the existing roof battens on the gable (if the existing roof battens are rotten or water damaged then we strongly advise for the gables to be stripped out and replaced with a new breathable pitched roof membrane and new 2×1 tanalised battens)
  3. To supply and fit new manthorpe interlocking dry verge tile systems to the gables (in a colour of the customers choice)

The benefits of the interlocking dry verge tile system

  • Maintenance free
  • Obstructs the entry of birds 
  • Prevents water damage

At JDL we provide a 10 year guarantee with any installation of a dry verge tile system.

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