New Slate Roofing

New Slate roofing is one of the most high-quality, popular and long-lasting methods of roofing. The main benefit proven with slate roofing is durability and longevity.  When properly maintained, slate roofs can last for decades.

Slate roofs are Naturally strong and absorb little water, they are less susceptible to leaking and frost damage than other, less durable materials.
Slate naturally forms when layers of rock are exposed to extreme pressure and heat. This property makes slate a great choice for roofing material as it reduces the chances of a building’s roof catching alight in the event of a fire.

The benefits of a slate roof:

  • Lasting protection
  • Variety of colour and sizing optionsTraditional – popular with vintage and historical restorations 
  • Fire retardant

At JDL we provide a 25 year guarantee with any installation of a new slate roof system. 

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