New Tiled Roof

A New tiled roof is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home, it is a long term investment that can reduce short term costs and also create protection for health as a clean dry roof interior will not add any harmful toxins to your home’s air. You can implement the latest thermal materials, such as YBS super quilt loft insulation, or Knauf Eko roll loft insulation. Installing loft insulation can save up to 75% of the heat used in your home leading to a decrease in heating bills and carbon footprint. 

A new tiled roof can provide a sleek, tidy finish therefore creating an increase in value of your home. Estimates suggest that, when combined with other money-saving benefits of getting a new roof, resale can help to contribute to a return on the investment of a huge 60-70% meaning you’ll essentially pay only a fraction of the roof price long term, if you do decide to sell. 

At JDL we provide a vast array of concrete tiles from sandtoft double romans, marley moderns, marley mendips, rivendale and eternit tiles. All tiles are available in a large selection of colours. We also provide a wide variety of clay tiles including the classic rosemary, old english terracotta pantiles etc which also come in a large selection of colours. 

Our highly trained site surveyors will advise all of our options available best suited to your requirements. 

The benefits of a new tiled roof:

  • Cost Effectiveness 
  • Enhances the aesthetic & value of your home
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Health Benefits
  • Fire Safety 

At JDL we provide a 25 year guarantee with any installation of a new tiled roof system. 

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